The Behold Moment
Telling the stories of queens.


This is the stuff of dreams. These are the stories of queens. 

This is the stuff of dreams.

These are the stories of queens.

To the Warrior Woman|Destination boudoir photographer - Tampa, Fl

The Behold Moment - Tampa, FL

Dear Warrior Women,

First of, to women everywhere, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! We are living breathing history. We are the history makers and we are getting the to follow in the foot steps of so many history making women who have gone before us.

Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for staying in your story and seeing it through, to here and now. Its has take so much for you to get here. So much strength. So many moments of wanting to throw the towel (literally) and give up. So many smiles and laughs, coughs and sick days. The important part of all of that is, that despite all of those 'so muchs'. you are able to stand up today and say, I am here - I made it through.

Ladies, we are constantly bombarded with untruth, coming at us from every direction and with too much 'so'. Whether it is about being so skinny, so busy, so late...It leaves us feeling worn out and exhausted just even thinking about what it would be like to not be 'so' anything and just to be...

What would it be like to just be you? To live with yourself knowing that everything you are and everything you do is enough. To be satisfied with the knowledge that you already have and life as it is?

Let yourself laugh. Let yourself be poor. Let yourself be rich. Let yourself be exhausted and behind. Let yourself weep. Let yourself dance. Just...let yourself be...enough.

My beautiful, wonderful, queen. Thank you for warrioring through as you continue to build your kingdom. Stand in the marvel that you enough.