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Telling the stories of queens.


This is the stuff of dreams. These are the stories of queens. 

This is the stuff of dreams.

These are the stories of queens.

The Beauty & the Bosses: Ashlee Dozier | Destination Boudoir Photographer | Frederick, MD

I own my own Rodan + Fields business. We are currently the #1 skincare brand in the United States and still growing rapidly. I get to help men and women of all ages achieve the best skin of their lives with clinically proven skincare solutions developed by top dermatologists and delivered right to their door.  I’ve owned my business for over five years now and it has allowed me the freedom to work from anywhere and travel all over the world. That, in turn, inspired me to start an Instagram account and blog about my travels... so #AshleeInWanderland was born. 

I started with Rodan + Fields after losing my job at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over five years ago. I had a career in public health and higher education for over a decade. However, after a government shutdown, the program I was working on at the CDC lost its funding, and I decided that working for myself would provide me with more freedom moving forward. I heard about Rodan + Fields from a friend and knew that partnering with the brilliant doctors that had previously created Proactiv was a no-brainer.


My why for running my own online business has always been about freedom. After working in an office with no windows for years, I knew I needed more for my life. I have always suffered from wanderlust and realized that working online meant being able to travel when and where I wanted. I’ve been to 27 states and 20 countries so far and have no intentions of stopping!

My business my travels have provided the strength I’ve needed to pick myself up after getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship. I traveled the world solo for four months after breaking off my engagement. Running my business from other continents, while exploring new cultures and seeing the world was an amazing reminder of my own strength and abilities to be happy and successful on my own.

Empowerment means reminding others and yourself that you can do everything your heart desires if you set your mind to it. One of my favorite quotes is “Well behaved women rarely make history.” This has always been my reminder that you have to push beyond limits that others put on you and chase your wildest dreams.

I truly believe that when you empower others, you empower yourself. In my business I get to help other women become their own boss and follow their dreams. Most of my goals now revolve around helping others be successful because of how amazing it feels to watch them become empowered.

I feel as though I’ve been underestimated a lot of my life. Being a petite blonde female, I tend to get overlooked and feel the need to prove myself. I graduated high school at a young age, earned my masters degree in only a year, and have served in management roles early in my career. However, even through a lot of success in my education and career, I’ve struggled with mental health issues for a long time. Many do so in silence, but I have tried to be outspoken about my mental health and the emotional abuse I went through in a past relationship. I hope to empower other women to get out of unhealthy relationships and find their own strength... whether that be through starting their own business, traveling the world, or following their personal dreams, whatever they may be.

My boudoir session with Hannah was fabulous! She made me feel so comfortable and sexy. I decided to do the session as a gift to myself for my 35th birthday. It’s true what they say about feeling sexier and more secure with yourself as you get older, and I wanted to capture that confidence in photos I could look back on and appreciate.

Ash (2).png

I got out of my unhealthy relationship after 6 years and an engagement. We owned a business together, a home together... our lives were completely intertwined. But it’s never to late to leave when someone is not treating you the way you deserve. Your partner should build you up and cherish you, not compete with you, consistently remind you of your flaws, and make you feel insecure. You are strong enough to leave. You are stronger than you will ever realize. But you’ll never know until you take the leap and learn to fly on the way down. If I can do it, you can too.

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