The Behold Moment
Telling the stories of queens.


This is the stuff of dreams. These are the stories of queens. 

This is the stuff of dreams.

These are the stories of queens.

Tug-of-War | Destination Boudoir Photographer | Tampa, FL

Guess what? For the first time in probably 8 years, I partook in the game of Tug-of-War. Yep, that’s right. That age old kid game that we secretly dreaded but always ended up having so much fun playing. Along with about 50 other boss babes of all ages and backgrounds, nine teams were formed for 5 to 6 people and we all tugged against each other.


Why were all these women in dresses and skirts, business casual cuteness tugging and warring against each other in our heels? Well, I’m glad you asked. We were all participants of a pop up workshop that took place at Rococo Steak, located in St. Petersburg, FL.  It was put on by The Doyenne, a woman owned company that exists to provide a space for women in the bay area.


As we all started to relax from all of the tugging and warring, I began to think about all of tug of war we play everyday, with ourselves and others in life. For most women, there is a huge tug-of-war going on between the truth that we are enough and the lie that we need to be more. There is a constant war between leaving what is behind and pressing on towards whats is  ahead. We look at what used to be and are instantly tugged back, only to have this desire for more, so we look ahead and are tugged forward. If we are not careful, there is so much more potential to be stuck in the same spot for way too long. There were three things I learned about the succeeding at the Tug-of-War that is daily played out in my life.


1. Be prepared. I do not know who it was, but one of my team members was pro at this game. She kindly shared the advice of wrapping the rope around our wrist. This provided for a better grip on the rope when pulling. It also wouldn’t allow the rope to slide through our hands. Whatever you do, what you pursue, make sure you have a good grip on it. Work on building your confidence. There are too many people out in the world, ready to yank your dream and your confidence right out of hand. Make sure that you have a good grip on that the thing.


2. Step together. Left foot, right foot, left. We all took a step in the same direction with the same foot each time. This provided a level of strength, TOGETHER, to succeed. We cannot, cannot, win at life - in business, out of business, wherever - if we are trying to go at it alone. We need other people. People who are in-sync and in line with us, our goals, vision, hearts song, and our souls story.

3. Have a distraction. We put our distraction, the cutest baby asleep on his mothers chest, in the front. Because if there is one thing women can ignore, it is an adorable baby...and the small usually the better. A sleeping baby, ten times better. Which brings me to this, in all of the warring we do in life to get to where we want to be, makes sure that you have some distractions for yourself. There will be times that you will just need to get away and retreat from the go, go, go, I have got to win now mindset that so many of us women get into. Do not forget to take some time for yourself...distract yourself from anything business and just breathe. It’s okay to just be.