The Behold Moment
Telling the stories of queens.


hey darling, 

Who doesn't love a good story?

My name is Hannah Rosela & i know that i do.

I believe that the greatest loves story that you will every take part in and experience, is the one with yourself - this is the greatest romance. Seeing yourself as people around you see you, is vital. I provide you with the chance to see yourself from a different perspective, a whole new view. I believe that seeing yourself as those around you do is life changing. 

I am blessed to work with so many beautifully inspiring women - you women are my reason I get up everyday. To even get a chance of meeting you wonderful women & be such a small but vibrant part of this great love affair with yourself brings so many smiles to my face. I get to share my heart with you, as you share your life with me.  

You are destined for greatness. As a destination boudoir photographer, I get to meet you right where you are at - wherever that is in your life. Everyday I get to show women around the world that they are beautiful and worthy, right where they are, in whatever moment they are at in life. Not to mention, every woman deserves to exist in pictures, beyond a selfie. You are a warrior.

You are a queen. I provide you with an experience that will leave you feeling like royalty. From the pampering to the modeling behind the camera, it will leave you feeling like royalty. This is your moment, all eyes on you. You are the only focus, the star of the show, the only queen in your court. These are the moments where you will thrive. In that moment, you don't have to conform or compete or live up to some version of yourself. You can  You are worthy. 

And because you are a work of art and I believe that beautiful works of art deserve to be seen, I provide you with a few unique pieces to display your beauty from Metal Gallery Art to luxury albums to just look through and revel at. Come, be a witness of your own beauty, of your own marvel.

So my dear, my worthy warrior, are you ready to witness your own beauty, unrivaled by anyone else? Are you ready to captivate yourself with the challenge to allow yourself to be seen? Your behold moment is waiting for you.

All my love, 

Hannah Rosela

Photography by Ashleigh Acker Boudoir

Photography by Ashleigh Acker Boudoir